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June 02 2011

Old Door, New Table, etc…

Okay, so I know people have been repurposing old doors for years and I have finally jumped on the bandwagon!  I just recently changed out all of the 1950's doors in my house and just so happened to be in need of a new outdoor dining table.  I love it!  What I love most is that it was FREE (in a relative sense) and because it was free, I am FREE to paint it any color I want as often as I would like.  You never know, it might be red, white and blue for the 4th of July!  But for now, I am enjoying my pristine hi-gloss white "vintage door" table.  

How to make your own table, headboardwall art, or desk.  Be creative with your choice of legs.  Great resources: Ikea, Home Depot, restaurant supply warehouse...

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